H2Zoo Anti-Allergen Spray

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When H2Zoo is atomized in the air, a specific molecule clings to allergens to crush them to the ground. Once nailed to the ground, these allergens will never be able to come back into suspension in the air and they will be automatically removed by vacuuming.

The allergens responsible for asthma attacks have several origins: dust mites, cockroaches, mold spores, pollens, tobacco, viruses and pets.

Regarding the cat, its saliva and the mites that lodge in its hair are the main sources of allergy. When the cat licks itself, it deposits its saliva, which contains a protein, on its hair. This will dry then spread into the ambient air and form powerful allergens.

With regard to dogs, it is especially dust mites, dander and dander in the air that cause allergies.


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