Living World Cascade Water Bottle, XL 1000mL

The Living World® Secure Water Bottle's unique design makes it extremely quiet and easy to attach to almost any type of enclosure. The spout has a spring-loaded ball and O-ring that prevent leakage. Made of durable plastic, the bottle’s closed system helps keep contaminants out and is easy to clean. The water bottle should be refilled daily with fresh water. Periodic cleaning with tepid, soapy water is recommended, just rinse thoroughly before refilling with fresh water. 1000 mL (33.8 fl oz).

Other sizes available:

- 61600 Living World® Secure Water Bottle, small, 150 mL (5 fl oz)
- 61605 Living World® Secure Water Bottle, medium, 250 mL (8.5 fl oz)
- 61620 Living World® Secure Water Bottle, large, 500 mL (16.9 fl oz)