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From dry deserts to humid rainforests, reptiles can live in so many different environments. There are many species to choose from, the variety is almost endless. You can have a carnivore or a herbivore, some very large and some itty bitty. Research is definitely vital in making your decision. A snake that is only 12 inches long now, could grow to 10 feet and you have to decide if you are prepared for that.

Every animal deserves a home for life and your responsibility as a pet owner is to make sure you are ready for that commitment. Habitats are very important for reptiles, so you must be ready to invest in providing them with a comfortable environment. You can refer to our Care Sheets section for information on some of the more popular reptilian choices.


Download Ball python care sheet

Download Bearded dragon care sheet

Download Boa constrictor care sheet

Download Corn snake care sheet

Download Crested gecko care sheet

Download Green iguana care sheet

Download Hermit crab care sheet

Download Leopard gecko care sheet

Download Red eared slider care sheet

Download Uromastyx care sheet

Download Veiled chameleon care sheet

Download Fat tail gecko care sheet


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