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Shipping Policies

Shipping Estimates & Delays

Due to increased shipping costs implemented by our couriers, Safari requires that all orders must meet the minimum order amount of $29.99 CAD in order to be fulfilled with flat rate shipping. Orders equal to or exceeding $79 CAD will still be shipped for free.

95% of our orders ship out same-business-day or next-business-day from Brossard, QC. It will usually take a day or two after a package is picked up by our couriers for a shipment to reach its destination in the Greater Montreal Area. Other destinations will take a bit longer, but most packages arrive within 3-5 business days in Canada.

A small percentage of our orders on the South Shore of Montreal are hand-delivered by our courier. If you need something delivered same-day or next-day in the Greater Montreal Area beyond the South Shore, please send us an email at boutique@safaripetcenter.com. Please note that extra charges may apply.

Shipping in Canada

Orders are shipped with:

If you would prefer that your shipment be processed with one courier over another, please let us know, as we can usually make arrangements.

For orders shipping to most addresses Onatrio and Quebec, we offer free shipping on orders over $79 (before tax and shipping fees), or a flat rate of $6.99 for orders below $79. EXCLUDES REMOTE AREA POSTAL CODES - SEE LIST BELOW. Remote areas will be charged exact cost and may not select flat rate shipping. Orders selecting flat rate shipping will be canceled.

For orders shipping to all other provinces, shipping will be exact cost at this time.

For orders shipping to the territories, shipping will be exact cost at this time.

Aquariums, heavy items, etc.: These items are subject to additional fees and may not be deliverable to far-off or rural areas as noted below. We do not deliver aquariums outside of the Greater Montreal Area. If we cannot deliver it via GoBolt, we cannot deliver it to your area.

All of these rates are subject to change as we continue to evaluate our shipping methods.

Remote/Rural areas

At this time, customers in remote areas, as denoted by the postal codes below, are not eligible for our free shipping or flat rate promotion. The shipping fee will be calculated at checkout by Canada Post, and if we find a cheaper rate with a comparable carrier, we will refund the difference. Please note that all shipments outside of Quebec and Ontario are subject to exact cost of shipping, regardless of the sub-total or items. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Shipping heavy packages can be extremely expensive - especially to rural areas. We are a relatively small family-owned company, and we unfortunately don't have the shipping resources that other companies may have.

If you have any questions on ways to reduce your shipping cost for large orders or very large items (XL crates or carriers), we may be able to help. Please send us an email at boutique@safaripetcenter.com and we’ll do our best to help!


T0A – T0V

British Columbia

V0A – V0X


R0A – R0M

New Brunswick

No remote areas

Newfoundland and Labrador

A0A – A0R, A1K, A1L, A1M, A1V, A1S, A1W, A1X, A1Y, A2A, A2B, A2H, A2N, A5A, A8A

Northwest Territories

X0E, X0G

Nova Scotia

B0C – B0W


X0A, X0B, X0C


K0A – K0M, L0A – L0S, L9A - L9Z, N0A – N0R, P0A – P0Z, P1H, P1P, P3Y, P2A, P4A-P4Z, P5A, P5N, P6A-P6Z, P7A - P7L, P8N, P8T, P9A

Prince Edward Island

C0A, C0B


G0A - G0Z, G4A - G4Z, G5A - G5Z, G7A - G7Z, G8A - G8Z, G9A - G9X, J0A - J0Z, J8A - J8N, J9A-J9Z


S0A – S0P

Yukon Territory

Y0A, Y0B


Pick-Up in Store

Some items are either too heavy or fragile to ship – such as aquariums. For such items, we offer the option to pick up the item in store free of charge. For now, please email us at boutique@safaripetcenter.com - and we will arrange an in-store pick-up.

USA and International orders:

If there is any trouble with your checkout process, please contact boutique@safaripetcenter.com and we will do our best to help. International orders can contact the same email for shipping quotes.

Shipping to any country other than Canada will be through Canada Post at exact cost at this time.

Questions? Comments? 

If you have any questions or comments, please direct them to boutique@safaripetcenter.com 


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