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Site security

We use appropriate security measures so you can trust that your personal information (name, address, and credit card number) will always be kept private. In fact, to help you shop securely, the Safari Pet Center Online Store accepts orders only from Web browsers that use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, including Internet Explorer 3.02 or higher, Netscape Navigator 3.0 or higher, Firefox 1.0 or higher, or Safari 1.0 or higher.

Once you enter the Checkout pages your computer will begin communicating with our server in secure mode. You can tell that you are in secure mode by the following:
- The "http" in the web address will be replaced by "https" 
- Depending on your browser, you will see either a padlock (Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 +, Opera 5+) or a solid key (Netscape Navigator 6+) in the lower section of the browser window. Only browsers that use the 128-bit Secure Socket Layer protocol are able to order through the SAFARI website. If your browser does not support SSL, you can get an upgrade at Microsoft's or Netscape's home page. We never send sensitive information via email.

If you have questions, comments or concerns regarding the SAFARI Online Store security, please contact:

Centre d'animaux Safari
Attn: Customer Service Department
Address: 9750 boulevard Leduc Suite 10 Brossard Quebec  J4Y 0B3
E-mail address: boutique@safaripetcenter.com

Safety and Security Tips

SAFARI is concerned about the safety and security of our customers. Accordingly, we have put a number of technological protections in place to ensure that our transaction process is extremely safe and that our customers' information is secure.

Additionally, SAFARI takes a number of steps to help ensure that our third-party seller platforms are safe and that our sellers are of the highest quality. However, keep in mind that customer protection is a two-way street. When buying or selling on any online venue, caution must always be practiced.

The overwhelming majority of online transactions are completed without incident. While the possibility of being defrauded by a third-party seller is minimal, there are some risks. Safaripetcenter.com has developed the following guidelines to help ensure that your online shopping experience is safe and secure.

Protect your passwords.

  • If using a public computer or terminal, always log out when you complete an online session.
  • Keep your passwords private. Remember, anybody who knows your password may access your account.
  • When creating a password, use at least 8 characters -- a combination of letters and numbers is best. Do not use dictionary words, your name, e-mail address, or other personal information that can be easily obtained. It is also recommended that you frequently change your password. If you need assistance with this, visit our Changing Your Password Help page.
  • Avoid using the same password for multiple online accounts.


Be wary of unsolicited e-mail and telephone contacts.

SAFARI will never e-mail or call a customer and ask that they disclose or verify their safaripetcenter.com password, credit card, or banking account number. Such information should only be submitted when completing an order on safaripetcenter.com, contacting safaripetcenter.com directly, or when making updates to My Account. If you receive a suspicious e-mail with a link to update your account information, do not click on the link--instead go directly to www.safaripetcenter.com and then to your account. If you are contacted by, or receive an unsolicited e-mail from an unknown entity, and are asked to confirm or provide your password or personal or banking information, disregard the request and contact us.


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