Versele Laga Crispy Sticks rabbits and guinea pigs Green Meadow

Crispy Sticks Green Meadow for rabbits and guinea pigs are baked in large ovens pastry after production and stay until their dough is crisp. This feast with green meadow on a stick will give your small animal a lot of gnawing pleasure and will bring a GOOD variation to his daily feed routine. Briefly, Crispy Sticks avoid boredom and promote the well-being of your small animals. Each package contains two sticks to chew on.

Thanks to the practical "'MAGIFIX" hanger the sticks can be attached to your rabbit or chinchilla cage in different directions.

The food product is packed in an oxygen-free environment. This special way of packing protects the food products against light, air and humidity. As a result Versele-Laga can guarantee an optimal preservation of this quality product.

Crispy Sticks forest fruit for rabbits and chinchillas are a GOOD variation on the daily feed routine. They counter boredom and improve the well-being of your small animals.

All Crispy Sticks are oven baked for a crunchy texture.


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