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Hagen Gourmet Budgie Mix 2.2lb

Hagen Gourmet Budgie Mix is a totally natural blend of the finest fruits, seeds, and vegetables from around the world. Containing pineapple, raisins, peas, and carrots, the mix is also fortified with Tropican Egg Granules.
Chewing dried fruit, vegetables, and formulated granules provides excellent exercise. The gourmet mix can be used as a main diet. However, most veterinarians recommend that all birds on a seed diet receive a good quality vitamin and mineral supplement to aid in preventing deficiencies if the bird should become selective about the seed it eats.
Packaged in a 1 kg polybag (2.2 lb.), the air barrier bag with zipper closure seals in freshness, keeps insects out, helps maintain freshness.


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