LitterLocker LitterBox for Cats with Scoop - Grey

  • Open litter box - 360 Vision - Allows your cat to feel safe.

  • High and flexible edges. Preventing litter overflows.

  • Integrated and practical handles. Folds effortlessly, facilitates the transport and disposal of soiled litter.

  • Integrated spout for easier soiled litter pouring plus indicates from which side to pour soiled litter.

  • Curved base for easy and quick cleaning.

  • Attractive design with shiny pattern.

  • Comfortable fit. Adapts to the average size of an adult cat, while big enough for your cat's comfort.

  • Ideal litter level Indicator. Glossy finish on the inside to indicate the ideal level of litter and pouring direction.

  • Made of a soft and flexible material adapting to small spaces.


L 56.65 x W 44.70 x H 40.65 cm


675 g


1 LitterBox




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