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Living World Colourful Cardboard Chew-nels with Nesting material - Small

Living World Colourful Cardboard Chew-nels are durable, interconnecting cardboard tunnels that provide small pets with hours of hiding, chewing, and rolling fun.

One of the unique things about Cardboard Chew-nels is that they can be connected to other Cardboard Chew-nels to create longer tunnels.

In addition, they are stuffed with soft, fluffy nesting material that will delight small pets while satisfying their natural burrowing instinct.

Cardboard Chew-nels are made of earth-friendly cardboard and parchment that is finished in vibrant colours, made from non-toxic, food-grade colorants.

For added fun, cut a hole in a cardboard box and insert a Chew-nel or two!


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