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Living World Iodine Block Small

Calcium and iodine deficiencies are common in many caged birds because these vital nutrients are lacking in standard diets. Living World® Iodine Block contains essential minerals missing in seed diets and helps prevent mineral deficiencies. Fortified with calcium and phosphorous, Iodine Block is a complementary pet food that is beneficial for all caged birds.

Iodine Block helps in the prevention of brittle bones (lack of calcium), enlarged thyroid in budgies (iodine deficiency), egg-binding (lack of calcium), and tremors. Size: Small

Feeding Directions:
Place Living World® Iodine Block in an easily accessible location in the cage. Firmly attach wire hanger to cage bars. Leave Iodine Block in cage until fully used. Replace when required.

Other sizes available:

- Living World® Iodine Block, Large


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