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Living World Small Animal Drinking Bottle 120 ml

Living World® Water Bottles are made of durable plastic and have leak-proof, stainless steel spouts. They attach easily to the outside of the cage with a wire holder. The closed system helps keep contaminants out and is easy to clean. The water bottles should be refilled daily with fresh water. Periodic cleaning with tepid, soapy water is recommended, just rinse thoroughly before refilling with fresh water. Small.

Other sizes available:

-61525 Living World® Water Bottles, 50 mL (2 oz), for white mice, gerbils, hamsters and small birds
-61535 Living World® Water Bottles for Hamsters
-61540 Living World® Water Bottles for Guinea Pigs
-61545 Living World® Water Bottles for Rabbits, Puppies and other small pets


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