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Masked Claw Nail Caps for Cats

No more scratched floors and torn sofas!

Avoid scratched skin and damage on household objects such as floors, sofas, doors and more. Masked claw may also help animals with skin conditions aggravated by scratching by reducing direct contact between skin and claws.

Totally harmless, safe and non-toxic. The adhesive used is similar to the one used by many veterinarians. This is an non-exothermic adhesive , in other words, no heat is likely to upset your pet

Each box contains:

  • nail caps40x Nail caps: Vinyl compounds natural non-toxic, safe and made of a resin imported from the medical community.

  • glue2x tubes of adhesive and tip: Non-toxic and safe, this glue is safer than the adhesive used for manicures.Approved by EU SGS environmental protection.

  • instructions manual1x instruction manual:This instruction manual will explain step by step method of application of nail caps and the usual precautions.


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