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Oven Baked Tradition Adult Chicken Dog Food (Large Breed, 25lbs)

The Large breed Oven-Baked TraditionTM food was formulated to control the growth rate and support the normal development of the animal. In addition to all the basic ingredients that respond adequately to the specific needs, we have enriched the formula with Glucosamine and Chondroïtin, vitamin E & C ( for the adult dog and the puppy), L-Carnitine and we also added DHA ( docosahexgenoic acid), an essential fatty acid involved in the cerebral development as well as the nervous system.

In addition to providing all the basic ingredients of his adult dog food including fresh chicken as the first ingredient, Oven-Baked TraditionTM has adapted the content of proteins and fat from its formulation to meet the needs of energy ( 425 kcal/cup for the adult formula and 450 kcal/cup for the puppy formula). The rate of calcium an phosphorus was adjusted to provide an ideal ratio.


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