Royal Canin Miniature Schnauzer Dog Food

Schnauzers are well-known for their distinctive coats and high energy. With targeted nutrients, MINIATURE SCHNAUZER ADULT controls fat intake and promotes a vibrant, healthy skin and coat, while the tailored kibble helps promote oral health. MINIATURE SCHNAUZER ADULT is designed exclusively for purebred Miniature Schnauzers over 10 months.

  • Tailor-made square design kibble brushes teeth and promotes oral health

  • Promotes strong, healthy skin and vibrant coat colouring

  • Reduced fat content for a breed predisposed to hyperlipidemia and pancreatitis

  • Antioxidants support sensory organs (eyes, ears) to promote a long and healthy life

  • 100% Complete and Balanced Nutrition

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


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