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Sabine & Gaspard - Lanolin Shampoo - Hydration & Shine 500ml

  • Sabine & Gaspard offers our four-legged friends and their masters top quality grooming products in attractive and different packaging.
  • Innovative formulas composed of ingredients derived from the latest technological advances, with the concern to use ingredients of the highest quality.
  • This Moisturizing Shampoo with Lanolin provides your pet’s coat and hair all of the essential elements for good health.
  • Lanolin is a fat with absorption properties more than twice its weight in water which makes it an exceptionally effective excipient. It cleans gently without eliminating the natural oils found in the skin and coat of the pet. It revives the colour of the coat, rendering it more intense and shinier.
  • This shampoo is designed to avoid your pet’s eyes and mucous membranes irritation. It is thus perfectly safe for pets with the sensitive skin.
  • Its almond scent will leave a pleasant perfume odor on your favorite pet.

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