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Savic Puppy Trainer Carbon Medium Pads - 50pcs

Carbon Puppy Trainer: the easy road to a housetrained puppy

When you bring a pup into your home, you hope he or she is housetrained quickly. Luckily there are ways to ease that process for you. Take our Carbon Puppy Trainer Pads: housetraining mats with active carbon. They are handy to use and have a cute pattern on the back.

This puppy trainer also responds to the minor inconveniences of housetraining, like wet paws on the floor and nasty smells in the house.
The combination of non-woven fabric and an active carbon layer ensures fast and strong absorption. And they get rid of odours at the same time. The technology absorbs more moisture than ordinary housetraining mats and neutralises unpleasant odours faster.

The silica gel filling converts liquids into gel, so no wet paw prints are left on the floor and your puppy’s paws stay clean and dry.
To speed up the learning process of the dogs and to encourage them to use the mat, the puppy pads have a pheromone-based attractant.

Thanks to their 6 layers, the pads offer added strength. The non-woven top layer keeps the pads intact, even in very wet conditions. They have a polyethylene plastic film finishing on the bottom to prevent leaks from leaking.

The Carbon Puppy Trainer is extremely versatile in use. Not only does it help you to housetrain your puppy, it’s also a handy toilet area for four-legged friends that can’t go outside or are ill.


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